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The Day We Meet – OST Hotelier

pada 21 November 2010

Kudae Naege Onun Nal

mu-do op-da-he-do
we-do-um na nul-la-yo
sa-lang-do se-sang-do
mo-du ne-gu-me-sal-cho
gi-da-lil ku-de i-so
chi-go-nu nan gyo-nyo-yo
ne an-ye ku-de-wa
i-pyol-op-num ko-se-so
ka-tun si-gan-so ga-tun si-ga-nul
i-che na-nor-yo
mu ko-mo-se it-chi an-gi-lul
ki-pu-mye ku-na-li
ku-de ne-ge o-goo nal
sum-gyo-on nun-mul chi-wo
ku-de-wa na-mun-gon
o-chi sa-lang-pu-ni-gil
sul-pu-mum op-num-go-yo
ne-an-ne ku-de i-so
hon-cha-ga a-ni-mul
ku-de ho-si a-na-yo
gi-da-li ku-de i-so o
chi-go-nul nan gyo-nyo-yo
ne an-ye ku-de-wa
i-pyol-op-nun go-se-so
ku-de i-chen ne-ge-o

The day we meet

I do not feel lonely even if I don’t own anything
Because love and the world are all in my dream
Because I have you waiting for me, I can tolerate anything
I have not parted with you in my heart
In the same time, with the same memory, and let’s share it now
Hope that in not too distant place
In moment of happiness, you will come back to me to wipe away the tears
You left only love, not pain
With you in my heart, I am not alone anymore
Do you know that because I have you waiting
I can tolerate anything
With you in my heart, in a place where there is not separation
You are now with me again


One response to “The Day We Meet – OST Hotelier

  1. ningrumaja berkata:

    lagu ini dalem banget, dramanya juga bagus.. 🙂

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